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Bill Clarke—Founder, Creative Director

Bill  has over 25 years of experience working in advertising, marketing and design communications.

Prior to relaunching Eureka Partners in 2011, he was the Global VP Creative for Twentieth Century Fox consumer Porducts, where he oversaw the brand integrity and development of content for all motion pictures and TV properties, including James Cameron’s Avatar, The Simpsons, Ice Age, Rio, Family Guy, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Halo. Bill guided the design process when Fox teamed with Universal Studios to create The Simpsons Ride. Launching big brand stories while the content is still under development is challenging, but success is critical to the licensee’s business and to maintaining the confidentiality of the property.

In 2003 he formed Eureka Partners Design Communications, named after the ferryboat moored across from the EP office on the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Pier. “I thought Eureka was a perfect name to represent what we all strive to achieve in the connection to brand messaging.”

The Eureka Partners team developed packaging and retail design programs for Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire, Planet of the Apes and lifestyle brands such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Reba McEntire. In the technology space, Eureka developed the brand identity, website and marketing program for international French company Asterop Inc., a provider of business intelligence and predictive analytics.

Before launching Eureka Partners, he was a partner at Robinson Clarke, where he oversaw the creative product as well as account services with clients in the entertainment, toy, technology, health care and travel industries. His work in children’s entertainment has showcased examples by creating looks for the Britney Spears licensing program, and LeapFrog’s retail environment in Toys “R” Us Times Square. Ocular Sciences, a manufacturer of contact lenses, called upon Bill to help launch Cover Girls Colors.

Bill’s career began with a move from California across the Great Plains to Madison Avenue, where he began as an agency art director creating advertising promotions for Sports Illustrated.  Bill then headed overseas to work for the French animation studio  Narcisse X4, where he created backgrounds for the TV series Clementine. Unable to stay away from the pulse of New York, he traded in his Bordeaux for Broadway and freelanced with Wells Rich Greene, where he art directed point-of-purchase campaigns and special-interest market programs for Philip Morris brands.

He was then hired by Ogilvy Direct to work as the art director on the American Express Corporate Card account. His contributions to the development of the Small Business unit were the foundation for the success American Express has enjoyed in the small business arena today. This work landed him on the Ogilvy team that won the Ryder Truck account for the General and Direct Agency. 

The most important aspect of Bill’s direct marketing experience is that it shaped his knowledge and belief that all communications should sit upon a strong creative strategy, resound with benefit and be a quick read—surprise, anticipation and payoff. “Eureka”—the name that we like to believe offers our partners a more defining moment in the authentic development of collaborative messaging, branding, execution and results.

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